No download slots have been given this name as they do not need to be downloaded to the player’s hard drive. They are also known as instant play slots. Since there is no need to download and install, players can bet on it right away.

What are no download slots / casinos?

As with download casinos, the software for no download casinos is stored on the online casino’s server. If a player decides to use the download casino, he must download the software and install it on his computer. However, if the player decides to use the no download casino, he will access the games via the online casino’s server. The slots games at No Download Casino are known as No Download Slots. The player selects the desired no download slots and these are opened in his browser. He can then bet on the game in the normal way.

How no download slots work

The player must select the No Download Casino from the online casino website. In many online casinos this is referred to as an instant play casino. As soon as the No Download Casino is accessed, the player must register.

In the No Download Casino, the player has to browse the game menu and select the No Download Slots desired. He can bet on any other no download game as well. This will open in his browser. His account balance is automatically extracted and displayed.

Advantages of playing without download slots

The initial downside to No Download Slots was that the gaming experience wasn’t that good. Slow internet connections resulted in freezing or jerking or frequent disconnections. However, this is not a problem today unless the player is using a slow dial-up connection. The main advantage of No Download Slots is that they don’t require enormous hard drive space. The games are played in the browser and therefore some cache memory is required. Players should periodically delete the temporary internet files to free up this space.

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